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Centre for Maritime Security and Diplomacy (MSD)

Welcome to Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA) official website! MIMA is mandated by the government to provide maritime policy and consultancy services to the government, industries, and the community.          (17 March 2017) ''Latest : MIMA Chairman and DG interviewed on national TV, >> click here to find out more ....''


(Colour on projects represent area of research in MSD Blueprint)
For 2017, MSD will carry out the following research projects: 

1.  Developing ESSZONE Committee Balance Scorecard

2.  Enhancing Malaysia's Position in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation (UNPKO)

3.  Developing Comprehensive Indian Ocean Policy for Malaysia

4.  MIMA Maritime Security Practitioner Handbook


(Colour on projects represent area of research in MSD Blueprint)
For 2016, MSD carried out the following research projects: 

1.  Workshop series for Holistic Security in East Sabah - Towards An ESSZONE Committee Blueprint

1st Workshop
2nd Workshop
3rd Workshop
4th Workshop
Workshop Pillar (Security-Defence) Report (in progress)

2.   Reaffirming Malaysia's Commitment to UNPKO - A Blue Ocean Strategy  PDF

3.   Developing Comprehensive Indian Ocean Policy for Malaysia  PDF

4.   Malaysia's Emergency Salvage Response System for Straits of Malacca  PDF

5.   Realising Joint Rescue Coordinating Centre (JRCC) - A Policy for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) from the Sea and Realising a Maritime Security Complex  PDF

6.   Changing Security Paradigm: Revisiting the Role of the Royal Malaysian Navy

(Colour on projects represent area of research in MSD Blueprint)
For 2015, MSD carried out the following research projects:
1.  1st MIMA-UMS Sulu Sulawesi Sea (SSS) Conference 2015:
Session 1 - Countering Threats to State Security 
Paper 1: The Malayan Emergency - KESBAN at Work - Dato' Sr. Leong Chee Woh
Paper 2: Security Sector Reforms as Post Conflict Rebuilding Measures - Capt. Martin A. Sebastian RMN (R)  PDF
Session 2 - Economic Opportunities in the ESSZONE
Paper 1: Migrant and Economic Opportunities in Sabah - Mr. Wan Shawaluddin Wan Hassan  PDF
Paper 2: Barter Trading-Centuries of Trade - Mr. Ramli Dollah  PDF
Paper 3: BIMP-EAGA: Opportunities and Challenges - Prof. Dr. Jennifer Chan Kim Lian  PDF
Session 3 - Safeguarding Reef Community in ESSZONE
Paper 2: Coral Triangle Initiatives on Coral Reefs and Fisheries - Capt. Zaharuddin Mohd Maideen  PDF
Session 4 - Addressing Socio-Political Diversity
Paper 1: Highlanders and Islanders - The uniqueness of Sabah - Datuk Dr. Mokhtar Yassin b. Ajam
Paper 2: Coastal Communities as national assets in the ESSZONE - Prof. Dr. Rashid Mail  PDF
Paper 3: Food Security in Sabah - Prof. Dr. Sharifudin Md. Shaarani  PDF
Session 5 - Defence and Security- The Whole of Nation (WoN) approach to win against threats
Paper 1: ESSCOM- Defending the ESSZONE - DCP Dato' Dr. Abd. Rashid bin harun
Paper 2: Civil-Security Cooperation - Dr. Zaini Othman
(Colour on projects represent area of research in MSD Blueprint)
For 2014, MSD carried out the following research projects: 

1.  A Systems Approach for Holistic Security in East Sabah - Towards An ESSZONE Committee Blueprint  PDF

Preservation of Public Security Regulation (See page 13 for English Version)  PDF

2.  Systems to Deter and Suppress Maritime Crimes - Addressing Transnational Organised Crime Through A Whole Of Nation Approach PDF

3.  National Key Critical Infrastructures in the South China Sea - Offshore Installation Protection  PDF

4.  Malaysia and the Indian Ocean: Some policy options towards reaping the opportunities presented 

5.  China’s Defense Policy and Maritime Strategy: Implications for Malaysia 

6.  ASEAN Political Security Community: Identifying challenges and providing options for a Security Community beyond 2015

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