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Malaysia's coasts and seas are endowed with a wealth of marine biodiversity, ecosystems, habitats and other natural resources. Together they provide for the economic and social needs of the population, serve as coastal protection systems, and generate revenue through tourism. The sustainable development of our coasts, seas and related resources is therefore a major priority of the Government. The Centre for Coastal and Marine Environment (CMER) aspires to contribute to ecologically sustainable ocean management through policy research, the provision of timely and appropriate inputs into policy-making and ocean coastal zone management, and marine-related educational activities.

The centre has undertaken research on various areas to promote the nation's coastal and marine environment sustainability. Amongst others, the centre's research has covered ecosystems protection, coastal and marine biodiversity conservation, marine pollution prevention, climate change adaptation, and green shipping. CMER's researchers also present their research findings at national and international forums; publish their research work; and organise conferences, seminars, and stakeholder meetings on coastal and marine environmental conservation and management. Acknowledging the importance of the oceans, the centre has also been celebrating World Oceans Day as its annual flagship event since 2010. The event serves as a platform for MIMA to play a key role in enhancing interest and awareness on the roles of oceans in human wellbeing through the various activities organised each year.

Key Stakeholders

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia
  • Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Tourism Malaysia
  • National Oceanography Directorate
  • Department of Environment Malaysia
  • Department of Fisheries Malaysia
  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia
  • Marine Department Malaysia
  • Department of Marine Park Malaysia
  • Sabah Parks
  • Forestry Department
  • Port authorities and operators

Thrust of Research

CMER's research thrusts are manifold and include among others:

  • Sustainable Development of Marine Resources
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Prevention of Marine Pollution
  • Conservation of Coastal and Marine Biological Diversity
  • Ecosystems Protection
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Green shipping and port operations
  • Renewable energy and green technology in the maritime sector

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